Trowse Parking for Trowse Residents

As most residents of Trowse know, there’s a big parking problem in the village. There simply isn’t enough spaces for the amount of people there are in the village. County Hall staff who aren’t allowed to park at County Hall on certain days simply use Trowse as a car park, further compounding the problem. Football parking too creates it’s own headaches for local villagers.

The Parish Council are launching a campaign to try and give local residents priority parking, after all, it is a village community and not just a car park for County Hall commuters. So here’s the official letter from the council to all concerned:

Dear Trowse Resident,

Thank you for visiting our website following the delivery of your ‘Trowse Parking’ flyer.

Police Cadets delivering flyers
Police Cadets ready to deliver flyers

As you are undoubtedly aware parking in Trowse is a real problem for residents and only likely to get worse as more houses are built in the area. One of the downsides of living in our beautiful village is its proximity to the football ground, city centre and county hall. A problem exacerbated by other resident only or time limiting parking in nearby hamlets.

The parish council continue to explore and consult professionals and residents to formulate acceptable solutions that meet the approval of all residents. Councillor James Smerdon is leading this work on behalf of the council and will regularly report on progress.

We really need your help to ensure that the whole village is heard.. There are options for you to email your suggestions or share photographs and thoughts. This website is time limited and is specifically here for you to voice your views in a constructive polite way.

There is currently no agenda for a preferred solution; as all suggestions so far have strengths and weaknesses when looked at holistically, so please use this opportunity to voice your opinions.

More Police Cadets delivering flyers
More Police Cadets delivering flyers

In the meantime, you also have a ‘tax disc’ sized roundel and a dashboard explanatory note in your flyer. We would like as many of you as possible to display these whilst parked in the village. It has no legal significance but is an opportunity to show solidarity as a village and keep the issue current and relevant whilst we explore all options.

Thank you for reading this letter and please show as much support as you can.

Yours truly,

Kerry Prentice

Acting Chair Trowse Parish Council.