Trowse Aerial Photos May 2012

Ever wondered what Trowse looks like from the air? Well, a friend of mine Elliot Corke from came to Trowse to help me find out. Check out three of the photos of what Russell Terrace, Stanton Terrace and the Church look like from the air.

Here are some samples, but more area available in the Aerial Photos gallery

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Trowse Church from the air, 2012

St Andrews Church, Trowse

Trowse Shop from the Air

If you look carefully you will see Peter Crane, the shopkeeper!

Trowse - School & Russell Terrace from the air

Trowse - School & Russell Terrace, Allotments & School

A 360 view of Trowse from 50 metres about the common. Click to be taken to the full, hi resolution panorama.

Elliot Corke from Hexcam,

Elliot Corke from Hexcam, and me on the common.

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