Roger Smith’s Monthly Update 1st November 2012

Every month, Roger Smith, member of Norfolk County Council (NCC) publishes a newsletter for people in this area.  Here’s the newsletter for October 2012.

About Roger

Roger Smith  is the Member of Norfolk County Council (NCC) for Henstead Division covering Bixley, Bramerton, Caistor St Edmund, Framingham Earl, Framingham Pigot, Kirby Bedon, Poringland, Stoke Holy Cross, Surlingham, Trowse with Newton.  You can contact Roger directly (Telephone: 01508 538225   e-mail:


  1. Government plans to help councils to freeze Council Tax for a third consecutive year. For those that do, Government will provide a grant equivalent to 1% increase in Council Tax. As in previous years, parish councils are not included as they do not receive govt. grant.
  2. The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election for the Norfolk area will be held on Thursday 15 November 2012 from 7am to 10pm. Its purpose is to replace police authorities with a PCC for each police force area – with local people electing their chosen candidate. For a list of candidates for Norfolk, see
  3. Recently the Government announced that work to dual the last single section of carriageway of the A11 through Norfolk and Suffolk will be finished within two years. The new nine-mile stretch between Barton Mills (Fiveways) & Thetford (Roundabout) should be completed by December 2014. Highways Agency says work starts January 2013.
  4. More than 23,500 people signed Norfolk County Council’s Fair Fares campaign protesting about the unfairness of the county’s £4.5 million shortfall in Government funding for the concessionary bus travel scheme. Now it has been learned that the shortfall has been reduced by £1.2 million after campaigners including the County Council, won a review of the funding system from the Government.
  5. County Highway’s maintenance programme for 2013/14 allows for footways alongside roads to be reconstructed in Poringland (opposite FEHS & Springfields), & Bixley (Stoke Road to railway bridge). Included in the traffic management programme is a scheme, after local consultation, for additional waiting restrictions in Whitlingham Lane, Trowse. The Lane passing through the Country Park is now fully adopted by County Highways.
  6. The retention of an existing 28,000 square metre concrete pad and its use for green waste co-composting and phytoconditioning at Whitlingham Waste Water Treatment Works, Kirby Bedon was approved last month. Health impacts of bioaerosols were considered. Environment Agency is now hosting a public drop-in at Kirby Bedon Church Hall on 5 November 2-7pm to provide further information about the proposals.
  7. With so much concern about illegal parking, particularly outside schools, “How can I report illegal parking?” Where there are parking restrictions such as yellow lines (as in Trowse), call the South Norfolk Parking Enforcement Officers on 01508 533830. In other cases where there is actual obstruction, call the Police on 101
  8. Concerns about road safety, speeding traffic, and parking outside the primary school were raised at a public meeting in Surlingham on 25 October. The Police, the County Road Safety Officer, the School and the Parish Council will together seek solutions.
  9. Poringland Library is hosting a Christmas Concert 5th December at 10:30am.
  10. Royal Mail has now kindly reinstated the Letter Box at Surlingham Road, Bramerton following damage by a vehicle in the summer, from that date putting it out of use.
  11. Framingham Earl High School is urgently looking for a new Crossing Patrol Person.
  12. Five Norfolk primary schools took part in the ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ project which looked at what and how much was wasted at different stages of the school meal process, from preparation to consumption. The result showed that there was an overall reduction of food waste across all participating schools, with most reducing their preparation waste to zero. The ‘plate waste’, or food left uneaten on plates, was on average reduced by a third
  13. The search is still on for a local authority appointed Governor for Stoke Holy Cross Primary School. Please contact me if you are interested.


My Web Page is where an electronic copy of this & the previous newsletter can be found.

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