Great little find – Lusa on Bracondale (excellent butchers too!)

Foreign markets are often a little gem, and Lusa just up the road in Bracondale is a fabulous find. Run by a lady called Fatima they have some great products and some really kind and friendly staff. 

It’s all too easy to pass by, but when you discover some of it’s delights you’ll find yourself popping in regularly. For me, apart from great customer service I love their meat. Simon the butcher (image what a butcher looks like and you’ll know you’ve got the right person) does his utmost best to give you great advice, service and fresh meat. It’s the kind of service that makes you want to go back and try other things too! He loves his food too, so if you need any recipe ideas he’s always pleased to help.

Having two dogs, one of the little bonuses Simon the butchers offers is free bones if you buy some meat (and free bones anyway if you are a regular!). 

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An Evening With Keith Skipper in Trowse – Sat 29th April 730pm

Come along and enjoy an evening with one of Norfolk’s gems, Keith Skipper. For those of you who are new to the county (i.e. been here less than 10 years) Keith Skipper is a well-known broadcaster, writer and journalist, and the author of many best-selling books including Skipper’s Byways, Rustic Revels and Hev Yew Gotta Loight, Boy?

He’s hosting a fundraising evening for the church in Trowse so do come along, have a laugh, and support the community!

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Regular Live Music in Trowse

At the Old Church Hall  in Trowse, the CreateNorwich team are going to be hosting a monthly live music session. Last Saturday of each month. Pencil it in your diaries and as soon as details for the next gig are available I’ll post them here..

Dove and Boweevil Trowse Gig 25/2/17 -Photos

Thanks for a great night at the CreateNorwich Studio in the old church hall in Trowse. Great time, and Lauren Dove has an incredible voice. Thanks to Suzie Hannah and the Marisca Trio for support! Here’s some photos.  [Read more…]

Whitlingham Park Volunteers Needed!

Can you help? Would you like to be part of a volunteer team that helps keep Whitlingham Park looking its best?

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Local Advertising now available!

Lots of people over the years have asked if they could advertise on the site, and kept offering to pay for me to do it. Well, has been running now for about 10 years and I’ve finally given in!

I’ll be setting up a free page for local services to list them, and charge for a front-page add (and additional page if you want one).

If you are a local company, tradesman, charity or tradesman or have something you would like to offer – do get in touch


Magical Misty Photos

Every now and then there are some stunning photos to be had in the village. In this case, a trip down the river in a canoe on a cold, misty night as the sun was going down..

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History – WW2 Anti Aircraft Gun and Power Station

Every now and then I come across something about the history of Trowse and the surrounding area. In this instance I found a base for a WW2 anti aircraft gun opposite the May Gurney/Keir site, and some interesting photos of the powerstation that used to be just across the river. [Read more…]

Pictures of things you wont see for much longer!

Pylons in Trowse have been part of the landscape for a long time, yet hoorah, they are coming down after the next few months and the cables being buried. So, given the strange angular beauty in them I thought I would try and be creative with some photos of the pylons down Whitlingham Lane as they are now. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Trowse St Andrews Graveyard Map

For those of you looking into history of people who lived in Trowse, I’ve scanned in a survey done in the 1980s by the local Woman’s Institute. Here is the map and list of people who are buried in the graveyard. It’s rather large, so you may have to fiddle to display on the screen!

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White Horse Lane Application Approved

A very disappointing outcome today for the Village of Trowse.

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Trowse People who died in WW1 – Can you help?

Given that 2014 is the centenary of the beginning of the first world war, we are looking to find out more about those who gave their lives to serve this country. Can you help with any information about them? [Read more…]

County Hall – Trowse’s Blot on the Landscape?

I don’t think I’ve ever gone past County Hall and thought ‘What a wonderful building..’.  Many times I’ve thought the opposite. I would imagine there have been thousands of people who came into Norwich for the first time, seen County Hall and had an impending sense of gloom. Cover it up, knock it down, clad it with something that lifts people’s spirits as they are stuck in the traffic queue outside it every morning. Anyway, for the first time I looked at the Hall (at night) and thought to myself  “That’s better!”. Have a look at some photos.. [Read more…]

Little Trip Down Memory Lane – Trowse Photos

Whilst pondering on what makes Trowse a special place, I came across some old photos from about ten years ago.I quick whizz through made me realise the things that make the place so special are its people, sense of community, and how the whole design of Trowse facilitates a greater sense of community than any other place I know of in Norfolk.  It’s great to have the school at the heart of the village, along with the common and swings, closely followed by the pub and shop! [Read more…]

Trowse Villager Oct/Nov 2013

Here’s an electronic copy of the Oct/Nov Villager magazine. Download.

Roger Smith’s Monthly Update Sept 2013 (inc housing Trowse estate and HUGE solar farm proposal in Trowse)

Every month, Roger Smith, member of Norfolk County Council (NCC) publishes a newsletter for people in this area.  Here’s the newsletter for September 2013.

About Roger

Roger Smith  is the Member of Norfolk County Council (NCC) for Henstead Division covering Bixley, Bramerton, Caistor St Edmund, Framingham Earl, Framingham Pigot, Kirby Bedon, Poringland, Stoke Holy Cross, Surlingham, Trowse with Newton.  You can contact Roger directly (Telephone: 01508 538225   e-mail: [Read more…]

La Ronde Meeting in Manor Rooms, Sunday 15th 730pm & Monday 16th, White Horse, 6-8pm

Just confirming 7.30pm at The Manor Rooms for Sunday 15th. Those inclined may wish to arrive via the bar at The White Horse (because ahew it’s important to support local business). Please SPREAD THE WORD! [Read more…]

Colmans’ Mustnot & Keep Trowse Special Posters to Download!

A kind neighbour mentioned to be that an innovative allotment holder had put up a sign in on the allotments. If you would like a copy, here it is! Also a downloadable printable version for you to print off and pop in your window. Download Colman’s Must Not PDF!

Also, see the “Keep Trowse Special” Poster – download here.

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Scenes from Trowse – Ted Geeson

Ted is a local artist who I recently found on the common starting a painting of the Common and the surrounding buildings. If you do see him finishing it off, do say hello! He also has some wonderful cards of St Andrews – which he sells to raise money for the local church. [Read more…]

Trowse Housing Plans – Some Notes

Information on the recent communication from local Councillor Trevor Lewis (published in various Trowse Villager editions).

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