Goodbye May Gurney/Kier Message

I received this message from someone who works at Kier (still known to us locals as May Gurney) today. Sad times, but hints at how much the staff have enjoyed being part of Trowse.

“As you know the site will be closing soon to make way for progress or something. And this will be a sad time for the staff. I’m sure at lunchtimes the village will miss the steady stream of the workforce popping to the shop for a snack. Not only that, but where you aware that whilst Kier promised to keep a presence in Norwich the fact is a large portion of us will be losing our jobs. Seems the long term plan wasn’t long enough. Anyway even though I haven’t given my real name I’d like to say a thank you to the village. I hope the origins of the hedgehog will long be remembered and that the changes ahead don’t have a negative impact. Of course the church will no longer have the parking open to them. And the football parking disappearing might add to some anguish next season. I wish the village well.”

Here’s a photo of Rebecca Kempy (the person who made the hedgehog) and some of the lovely people from May Gurney who gave their time to help the village.

Previous MD of May Gurney after having donated loads of work and materials to make the church meadow gates and sign (since been nicked). Photo from EDP article with some local children.

Thankyou for sending me this message – it’s been a pleasure to get to know so many of the May Gurney staff, they’ve done so much for Trowse in so many ways and it will be a sad day when those offices are empty, and the site replaced with ‘progress’. May Gurney was a company who really cared about local communities, I guess it was replaced with a company that was driven more by spreadsheets than people. Progress continues…