Development in Trowse

Several years ago there was a campaign to keep Trowse special. Despite overwhelming support to prevent further development of the village, particularly along White Horse Lane, the County Council largely ignore the overwhelming desire of the local residents and pushed ahead proposals to move the school and develop more of the farmland into houses. Back in 2012, South Norfolk released a document (available here) that emphasised the model village nature of Trowse, and with ref to development of White Horse Lane:

“The rest of the Conservation area on this side of the road is still farmland. It is important that it should remain so, in order that the form of the “model village” is not further ‘blurred”.

So blurring is progressing, and more boxes are going to blur the landscape and fill the pockets of the property developers who don’t have much concern for community at all.

I would urge people to read the document, particularly those who wonder why they have been asked to change their windows and doors whilst the heart of the village is being ripped out and moved. The document may read like a meal review at times “The solidity of the posts and rails along the full length of the Common complement the delicacy of the cast iron railings” but it is a good example of how priorities of different councils and interests sometimes overwrite the desires of the local communities. It is also a reminder of how much of taxpayers money is wasted.

Anyway, have a read.