White Horse Lane Application Approved

A very disappointing outcome today for the Village of Trowse.

During the Committee meeting at South Norfolk Council this morning, which was held to determine the Application from Norfolk Homes of 99 dwellings and a new large school, members of the Keep Trowse Special team and Trowse Parish council spoke passionately about the support within the community to keep Trowse as a village, the huge concerns over the amount of traffic congestion which will be caused, the closure of the existing outstanding primary school, as well as voicing technical objections based upon sound planning arguments. Sadly this was not enough, as when it was time for the Councillors to make their vote of whether the application should be approved or refused , the vote went against us 6-5. It was a close run fight, and during the whole of the session there was huge debate among Councillors and South Norfolk Planning Officers, it was even strongly suggested by some Councillors that because it is such a difficult and contentious site that the decision should be deferred until other information becomes available and the Local plan is determined. Unfortunately, the Council was in favour of the development from the outset, which was in stark contrast to the Arminghall site which was voted for refusal last month. Inconsistencies in South Norfolk’s arguments for the two applications were of huge disappointment to the Keep Trowse Special Team. The result today is nothing short of a travesty. We will continue to fight against the Arminghall site, which is awaiting a decision from Government, and we will look into the procedure to make our disappointment known to our MP Richard Bacon, and also Eric Pickles, Communities and Local Government Secretary.
Thank you for all your support so far, and we’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

David Dobinson on our team can be heard tonight talking about the result today on BBC Radio Norfolk, tune in using the link below
And the EDP have also reported it today

More info on the Keep Trowse Special Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/keeptrowsespecial)