plans are afoot that impact us all in Trowse

Not all of you may be fully aware of development plans for Trowse, and the impact they are likely to have on all of us here. Although you might be aware of the plans for the Deal Ground, there are also rather large plans to develop housing on the lands between White Horse Lane (from the end of Russell Terrace) and round the back of the new Hopkins estate. In brief, the picture below shows in purple the scale of the proposed plans and the proposed park and ride.

Development Plans for Trowse. Click the map for a PDF in more detail.

To expand a little on the details for the light purple bits, here’s a description of what’s proposed:

Details on the new houses and proposed park & ride. As you can see, mental algebra isn’t someone’s strong point.


And lastly, here’s a list of the meeting dates (sadly we’ve missed the Trowse one).

I am going to work with Beccy and Mark Cullum to try and make some difference. If you would like to register your comments as a member of the local community, please do so below. We’ll gather them up and make sure they get passed to South Norfolk District Council.

Register Your Comments now!


If you want more information and up for a little mouse-clicking challenge,

Click on  Planning & Building

New local plan (formerly LDF)

Site specific and location (DPD)

Make your comments

Site specific allocation and scroll down to Trowse

It’s a bit long-winded, but that’s how it often is with councils!

-Martin (, 0788 7778181)

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