Little Trip Down Memory Lane – Trowse Photos

Whilst pondering on what makes Trowse a special place, I came across some old photos from about ten years ago.I quick whizz through made me realise the things that make the place so special are its people, sense of community, and how the whole design of Trowse facilitates a greater sense of community than any other place I know of in Norfolk.  It’s great to have the school at the heart of the village, along with the common and swings, closely followed by the pub and shop!

So, not in any particular order here’s some photos. See if you can see any familiar faces! Nearly all the photos are of people and events that people in the village have organised around 2003 and 2004.

If anyone wishes to have a higher resolution copy of any of them, do let me  know and I’ll see if I can dig one out!