Great little find – Lusa on Bracondale (excellent butchers too!)

Foreign markets are often a little gem, and Lusa just up the road in Bracondale is a fabulous find. Run by a lady called Fatima they have some great products and some really kind and friendly staff. 

It’s all too easy to pass by, but when you discover some of it’s delights you’ll find yourself popping in regularly. For me, apart from great customer service I love their meat. Simon the butcher (image what a butcher looks like and you’ll know you’ve got the right person) does his utmost best to give you great advice, service and fresh meat. It’s the kind of service that makes you want to go back and try other things too! He loves his food too, so if you need any recipe ideas he’s always pleased to help.

Having two dogs, one of the little bonuses Simon the butchers offers is free bones if you buy some meat (and free bones anyway if you are a regular!). 

Meet Simon the butcher!

You can’t miss it on Bracondale!

Excellent fresh meet, great quality, and cheaper than anywhere else (even Norwich market!) – Note pork belly at £3,99/kilo!

Continental hams, chorizo, black puddings, cheese..

Even some unusual finds like pigs tails.

One of the fresh counters – dairy stuff, but a great selection of chorizos, fresh vegetables etc all at a price which even Aldi won’t be able to beat.

Everyday wines at amazing prices. £11.99 for 5 litres can’t be bad! Beers good too..

Some really interesting goat/sheep cheese.

There’s some great surprises, like casseroles, tinned chorizos etc.

Some added bonus finds area a great selection of frozen fishes and meats at unbeatable prices. For example, a kilo of calamares (squid) rings for £4.99, octopus, cuttlefish, prawns and loads of others that if you are an adventurous cook and don’t want to break the bank, you’ll find this place a real beauty.

On top of that (and no I have no vested interest here) is a great cafe that does one of the biggest and most enjoyable English breakfasts, washed down with great coffee whilst watching Portugese TV on the wall. It is just like being in one of those Portugese places you come across on holiday, yet only 5 minutes from Trowse.