about the webmaster

Hi, I’m Martin, the chap who built and looks after the Trowse Community website. I live in the Newton Close and this site is kind of my way of serving the local community.

I do have a proper full time job writing software for big organisations, but working for myself gives me great flexibility in helping serve the village. That’s my excuse, so if you see me in the pub I am sure it’s because I am ‘serving the community’ or doing some research, or something.

If you see me in the village, do say hello.

You might see me on a black 1930s trade bike, or a grey Audi A4, or a grey Vespa with a Union Jack helmet. If you wave, I’ll do my best to pull over and say hi. In case you wonder, I don’t drive old grey things because I am oldish and grey, but just think it’s a colour that doesn’t show up the grime.

Big hugs


0788 7778181

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